Our Story

We are a team of Greek Gods, Goddesses & Creatures that will help bring only worthy mortals from Planet Earth to Mount Olympus. Many rewards will be given to the mortals that embark on this mission of participation. We have seen the turmoil of humanity's greed & witnessed the pain, struggle & scarcity that has been overruling humans. Evil & corruption has relied upon the mortal's sweat, blood & tears to be conquered & controlled easily.

Earth needs Mount Olympus & its Gods, Goddesses & Creatures to help bring the planet more peace & joy they deserve to gain back control of their livelihoods. Through the help of The Greek Mythology Club NFTs we help do the most good to all humanity. GMC stands against earth's tyranny & we are here to help humanity overcome poverty. Helping mortals acquire more abundance & to teach legendary qualities to their off-springs. Creating the next generation of powerful, prosperous & legendary Men & Women.

The Greek Mythology Club will bring stability, wealth & peace to all mortals who desire more. Those that want to bring honor to their ancestors will have the chance. Anew bloodline. We are certain Mount Olympus will help sculpt their family names in the heavens. Participating in the Greek Mythology Club, you stand with those that believe in their rights for Universal Abundance.

For more details see our official Whitepaper